Would you love to be creative but struggle to find the time?

Is your job sucking the life out of you and you want to do something creative and fulfilling?

If you could afford it would you love to give up your job and just be creative?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then congratulations – you have come to the right website.

Gentle Warrior Cali Bird

About Gentle Warrior

My name is Cali Bird and I help people find the time to be creative alongside other things that you have to do (like work or take care of your family!)  I’m guessing that you don’t have a trust fund or lots of servants so you are going to have to keep working and/or looking after your family while scratching that creative itch. I love to help people find ways that they can do their creative projects in realistic bite-size chunks that fit around the other things they have to do in life.

If you want to write, or make music, or make art, jewellery or crafts (or whatever floats your creative boat) it is easy to get caught up in “will I make money from it?” or “am I good enough?” or “I’m too old to do that”.

Forget all of that rubbish.  Get on and create in the best way that you can just for the sheer joy of doing it.

Next Steps…

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How to return to art if you haven’t done it for a long time

You loved making art, you were good at it but you haven’t done it in a long time. Now you don’t know how to return to it and be an artist again. Your life has changed since then. Maybe you have children or parents that are growing older and need your help. You had to...

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Does your creativity make a difference?

Does your creativity make a difference to the world or are you just being self-indulgent? When you are a creative person it is easy to get precious and self-absorbed about your art. It is something that you pour your life and soul into and feel that you simply must do...

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Is it worth starting a creative pursuit at my age?

Should you start to write, paint or learn a musical instrument as you get older? It is so easy to think that once you reach a certain age it is not worth bothering. Literary agents are only interesting in young rising talent.  Apart from the Rolling Stones and all...

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Do you have to be selfish to be creative?

Do you have to be selfish to be creative? Does creativity make you selfish? Picture these two scenarios. Your friends want you to go out tonight, but you want to go home and spend another hour on your painting. They say you are a spoil sport but you just want to get...

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Is creativity a curse?

Is creativity a curse? Sometimes it can feel like it.  You’re creative and that seems to make everything complicated in your life.  There are times when you just want to be normal like everyone else. But you’re not normal. You need time to be creative or you go crazy....

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